Brain Wave ™ Lucid Dreaming Inducer App

lucid dreaming appOh my, it’s been too long!

Lucid dreaming, my love for you will never die, but I’ve been so busy with work and “life”, that I haven’t been getting enough sleep, and being exhausted much of the time. This just isn’t conducive for lucid dreaming. But, I know you understand. You’re always there waiting for me to make some time so that you can show me the riches waiting to be glimpsed in the dreaming state.  

As you know, I’ve started to be much more consistent with doing reality checks throughout the day. The Lucid Reality Check app is still the tool I am using to remind myself to do the reality checks through out the day. When I hear the “dreamy swell” alarm sound from the app every 30 – 90 minutes, I try and poke my finder through my hand, and also look at some text, look away, and then look back again. I also do reality tests on the app itself, where I see this image:
Lucid Dreaming Sign
You recognize that house, right? it’s the house I spent most of my childhood in. I still dream about it often, so it is a great dream sign.

I’ve also been doing a better job at recording my dreams. I looked around the iPhone App Store for a voice activated audio recorder and finally settled on the Dictaphone Voice Activated Recorder app. I wake up, grab my phone, hit the record button, and start babbling. I’ve also been using that app to record “dream voice” sessions. This is an idea I learned from David Wilcock of The basic idea is that you tune into the background chatter in your mind and just start recording whatever it is that you hear. As you further cultivate this practice you may notice that the messages start to become more and more clear and coherent, and may contain relevant and helpful information for your life. For David, this practice was the doorway into what most people would call channeling. David eventually found himself channeling a group consciousness that identifies itself as Ra. This may or may not have been the same Ra that was introduced to the modern-day public by L/L Research and their Law of One channeled material. I have found the dream voice process very interesting and ripe for further exploration. I may start blogging my dream voice recordings for fun. 

One new member of my lucid dreaming toolbox is an app called “Brain Wave Dream Inducer”. I actually purchased their Brainwave App Bundle that includes five different apps, one of which is the Dream Inducer. These apps use a technology that has been around for awhile called binaural beats.  I was introduced to this technology back in the mid-90s by the Monroe Institute. I purchased their home-study Gateway Experience course and dived in, exploring “mind awake – body asleep” states of consciousness. Binaural beats use tones that are played in both ears to induce the brain to entrain to a given frequency, which correspond with the brainwave states of delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. The developers of the Brainwave apps, Banzai Labs, have a good explanation of how binaural tones are thought to work on their website here.

I find that binaural beat technology helps me in my meditation and consciousness exploration practices, and thought I’d give the Dream Inducer app a go, as it has a setting for Lucid Dreaming. So far I have used the lucid dream audio from the app just a handful of times after waking up and then going back to bed after an hour or so. I have had two lucid dreams while listening to this audio. While I don’t have any proof that the audio itself is responsible, that’s not going to stop me from continuing to experiment with it as I haven’t had any lucid dreams in awhile, and it appears that this app my be tilting the odds in my favor!

In their app, Banzai Labs said that the lucid dreaming audio track “uses a low frequency theta wave stage to induce deep relaxation, but not sleep, before entering a complex program that blends beta and theta waves into sequences designed to induce ‘waking dreams’.”  I wonder if these beta waves, which are associated with states of waking consciousness, help to keep the maintain a more heightened state of awareness while asleep, increasing the likelihood of being “awake” while in your dreams. I sort of view it as a balloon tied to my mind as I jump into the swimming pool of the unconscious. The balloon keeps me from going completely under, just as an inflatable device does the same in a real-life swimming pool.

It seems to be working for me so far, so you might want to consider giving it a try. If you do, let me know how it works for you!


The Taft Room

William_Howard_Taft_1909I’m going to start writing about my dream experiences on this website, lucid or no. The dream world continues to be a passionate subject for me as I think that it is the doorway to communicating with greater aspects of ourselves that have access to knowledge and information about who we are and why we are here. To me, messages from our subconscious in our dreams feel like a treasure chest waiting to be discovered.

Last night I dreamed I was with members of a spiritual community that used to be a big part of my life. I arrive by vehicle to a some kind of construction site on the land where I used to live, a 100+ acre farm that hosts spiritual gathering and healing retreats. In the dream my friends where getting ready to dig some posts and were laying down some sort of bricks. A wall was being built to be connected to an older wall that was already there, this older wall being made of cinder blocks.  I had the impression it was some sort of bomb shelter. I said as much to John, the ring leader of this project, and he said, that it was not a bomb shelter but instead called a Taft Room. I thought this over for a moment and couldn’t make sense of it.

The dream continued on and in the morning when I woke up I recorded it. I asked my partner Christine in the morning if she knew what a “Taft Room” was, more joking then expecting a serious answer, and then told her about the dream. She then conveyed with some astonishment that she had dream of a man during the same night with the last name of Taft. In this dream she was hugging this former acquaintance. “We’re so psychic!”, she said.

Later that day I saw a Facebook post of the John from the dream. I don’t typically run across posts from this individual. In the post he shared photos of some tunnels on the surface of the snow on the same piece of land from the dream, and he was wondering what sort of animal may have made it.

What the above means, I can’t say, but the correlations are certainly interesting!

Instant Lucid Dreams Review: Day 7

instant lucid dreamsDay 7 of the Instant Lucid Dreams program provides tips for how to prolong a lucid dream when you are having one, and different ideas of what to do in a lucid dream such as getting  creative ideas, rehearsing, learning new skills, and problem solving. Also discussed is how to interpret lucid dreams. I like the suggestion to create your own “dream dictionary” of your own dream signs and potential meanings, rather than trying to interpret your dreams strictly from something written in a book. This is something I’ve started to do on my own and really think that there is a lot of value in it.  

If you are wanting to create your own dream dictionary, you may want to try using the tool I use, which is a free software application for your computer called Evernote. I use Evernote for different types of journals, including my dream journal and a journal I keep of images I receive from my subconscious during meditation or times when I am seeking internal guidance. I call this journal of internal imagery “The Language of the Heart”, and I use it to try and understand my own internal unconscious imagery. One of the things that you can do with Evernote is to tag your dream journal entries, so if you dream repeatedly of owls, for instance, then you can tag every dream you have with an owl in it with an “owl” tag, and by doing this, any time you want to search for all of your dreams with owls in it, you can just search for that tag.  It’s an easy way to keep track of your dream signs and build a database of your internal imagery for easy reference.

I’ve been very busy the past several weeks and have not made a lot of time to do a lot of the lucid dreaming practices over than regular reality checks throughout the day. I’m going  to get back on track with this shortly and will write about my experiences in future posts.

Happy dreaming,


Instant Lucid Dreams Review: Day 6

instant lucid dreamsAfter several days of being busy with work, kids, and life I’m back into full swing with the Instant Lucid Dreams course. I realize that my on again, off again approach may make having consistent lucid dreams take longer, but I’m committed to the over all journey and know when the timing is right and when it is not.

Despite my lack of focus over the last few days, I’ve been diligent about doing reality checks every 30 minutes and last night did another Wake Back to Bed routine. I’ve change the sound that plays on the Reality Check lucid dreaming app to a pleasant, somewhat spacey non-verbal reminder, as the recording of me asking myself if I was dreaming was playing to frequently at work during phone calls.

I have five days off of work this week, and will have a lot more time to focus on the Instant Lucid Dreams course and the daily steps.

Day 6 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course is a summary of the whole “Instant Lucid Dreams method”,  and lays out the various practices out in a daily routine to make it easy to follow. There is actually a check sheet of what to do every day that I am going to print out, and find a way to check off every routine each day. I may need to make a spreadsheet for myself (if I do, I’ll post it here).

I had another somewhat lucid dream last night. I was lucid enough to move from a state where I was running away from an female antagonist, to basically stopping myself and facing her. I was pleased upon awakening that I was able to do this, but at the same time, a little disturbed, as it was the second dream of the week where I faced somewhat antagonistic characters who did disturbing things to me. I don’t typically have nightmares or disturbing dreams, and my gut instinct is that this has some kind of relationship to my increasing momentum of my lucid dreaming practice, and more specifically my increased consciousness during my dreams. Both the the characters I encountered seemed to be rather intelligent and seemed to get a kick out of testing me and violating my boundaries, although in both dreams I stood up for myself.  If anything, whatever these characters are, or are represent will serve as a great dream sign, and a potential catalyst for self understanding!

Sweet (I hope?) dreams,


Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 5

instant lucid dreamsI was able to employ the Wake Back to Bed technique described in Instant Lucid Dreams last night and had some interesting results. After going back to sleep around 6:00 AM, after being awake for 30 minutes, I found myself in my grandmother’s kitchen, in which I have many happy memories. Grandma passed away last year, and in the dream I was obviously processing some grief, as I was crying quite profusely as I surveyed the kitchen. My eye was drawn to an owl that was sitting on a shelf. I approached it and picked it up, feeling drawn to keep this as a keepsake and and thinking how appropriate it was for me, as it relates to my lucid dreaming practice. Continue reading Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 5

Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 4

instant lucid dreamsInteresting content in the Instant Lucid Dreams course today. Apparently we have a part of our brain called the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex. This area of our brain is responsible for certain cognitive processes, such as comparing a current situation with past memories. This is an essential function in waking life that is absent in the dream world because this part of our brain is inactive during sleep. This explains why in waking life if you found yourself talking to your deceased grandmother in a grocery store you would most likely be confused or alarmed (unless your accustomed to talking to the dead), but in the dream world you might not think nothing of it.
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Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 3

instant lucid dreamsLast night I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:00 am to practice the Wake Back to Bed technique laid out in the day 2 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course. I’m proud of myself! It is extremely difficult for me to get my butt out of bed! Once back in bed I turned on Nick Madge’s Instant Lucid Dreams MP3 audio, not knowing what to expect. It turns out it uses a combination of several approaches to assist you in having a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (W.I.L.D.) including guided relaxation, hypnosis, binaural beats, and lucidity cues built right into the audio. Continue reading Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 3

Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 2

instant lucid dreamsIn day 2 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course, Nick Madge has you diving into the daily process of reviewing the dream snippets you recorded in your journal in the middle of the night and doing daily reality checks to the tune of one every 30 minutes. I’m a little tickled to find that I am already doing almost everything he is recommending here, albeit not as consistently as I could be.

I really like how he laid out the end goal of the daily reality checks. Eventually the mind will begin to anticipate them and doing them will become an ingrained habit which will then carry over into the dream world. As I have mentioned before, I use an app called the Lucid Dreamer to do my reality checks, and I have it set for every thirty minutes, giving my a reality test prompt in my own voice. Continue reading Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 2

Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 1

instant lucid dreamsToday I’ve started Day 1 of the Instant Lucid Dreams program, in which the author, Nick Madge, guarantees you’ll have a lucid dream within 7 days if you follow his guide.

Day 1 involved reading the the appropriate section for this day in a PDF, listening to a MP3 visualization designed to assist you in letting go of old beliefs related to the difficulty of learning lucid dreaming (I really liked the metaphor of the stream running through the meadow), getting together your dream journal, and setting your alarm and intention to wake up every 90 minutes of your sleep cycle to record your dreams.

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Instant Lucid Dreams?

ildlogoI’m back, Interwebs!

It’s been a full two weeks since my last post! How did that happen?

Truth is, I’ve been tired. When I haven’t been working, parenting, and all that other adult stuff, I’ve been burning the midnight oil diving into a video marketing course. I’m learning how to market products, services, blogs (like this), and other stuff using YouTube in way that has proven to produce great results. Due to my focus on mastering this, I’ve let my focus on lucid dreaming slip a little. Despite this, I’ve had a couple of lucid dreams, one last night. 

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