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REM Dreamer Pro Review – Lucid Dreaming Mask

Here is the REM Dreamer Pro review I did today, giving my first impressions of this lucid dreaming mask. Tonight will be my fourth night using the mask and I am starting to get the settings dialed in a bit more.

One of my realizations this morning was that when I am waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the flashing lights and hearing the audio prompts, I may not actually be truly “awake” but in a dream state called a false awakening. That is what the reality check button on the REM Dreamer Pro is for. I may find that when pressing the button on the mask that it does not  function correctly. This is a likely sign that I am dreaming, as electronic devices tend not to function as we would expect in the dream world. Please watch the video for more info and enjoy!

REM Dreamer Pro Review:

REM Dreamer Pro Review

Lucid Dreaming Book Journal #20

Last night was my second time wearing the REM Dream Pro Lucid dreaming mask. It woke my up several times and so I adjust the volume of the recorded audio to 4 out of 8. We will see how that works tonight. Thankfully my Lucid Dreamer app seems to be playing reminders more consistently today. I take technical support phone calls for a living and several times throughout the day in the middle of reseting computer passwords and troubleshooting boot up issues my disembodied voice would interrupt us and ask if I was dreaming. It kind of amuses me, and thankfully I don’t think anyone noticed, or if they did they didn’t know what the heck was going on! I’ve had a busy day and that’s about all I have for tonight. Tomorrow is my “Saturday” and I will be doing a video review of the REM Dreamer Pro and getting it up on YouTube. Dream well, Darby

Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #19

The first night with the REM Dreamer Pro lucid dreaming mask was a little rough. My recorded voice kept waking me up rather than being incorporated into my dreams. This morning I went into the settings and lower the volume of my voice. We will see if this volume is low enough to be less disruptive. Meanwhile my Lucid Dreamer iOS app that I purchased to do reality checks using my voice seems to be working very sporadically. I haven’t gotten any reminders in hours although I made sure it was on. Not sure what to think about that, but when I have some time I will test it some more. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #19

Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #18

Today I received my new REM Dreamer Pro lucid dreaming mask! I recorded a short video about the mask which I’ll get up in a day or two. I am impressed with the quality of the REM Dreamer mask materials, the packaging, and instructional booklet. I’ll be wearing it for the first time tonight using an audio recording of my own voice asking myself “Are you dreaming?”, which is the same reality check I am playing on my iPhone during the day. In other news about lucid dreaming masks, released a video on their Facebook page a couple of days ago about their lucid dreaming device that is in development. Here it is below: Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #18

Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #17

I had an interesting dream last night. It was almost like watching my mind trying its best to become lucid, or at least make logical sense of an illogical dream world. In my dream I was in the house I grew up in, a common dream sign for me. If you are not familiar with dream signs, it is something that you regularly dream of that, if you considered it logically for a moment with your full faculties of waking consciousness, would be a sure sign that you were dreaming. Seeing someone that you know to be deceased is an example of another great dream sign. You can train yourself to recognize that you are dreaming when dream signs like this show up in your dreams. I attempted to do this for a brief period of time last year when I printed out photos representing common dream signs and had my girlfriend hand them randomly throughout the house everyday where I would be sure to see them and then do a reality check. I believe I did not do it consistently enough to really creep into my deeper mind as a true habitual response. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #17

Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #16: Creating New Habits

21 Day HabitSo I’ve done a little research and it turns out that there are some great websites that have sprung up dedicated to supporting you in developing new habits. Obviously, learning to lucid dream consistently requires you to learn new habits, and integrate new perspective shifts that allow you to wake in your dreams and view your waking and dreaming world with fresh eyes. As I wrote in my last post, I am wanting to do a better job with my nightly hand gazing and dream recording exercises. I’ve found that I need to motivate myself more to implement these new habits, and I’ve decided to do so by making it more painful if I don’t follow through. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #16: Creating New Habits

Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #15

So I am mid-way through my 30-day Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge, wherein I have committed to myself to blog once a day about lucid dreaming and my journey to have consistent lucid dreams in an effort to explore consciousness and achieve greater self-actualization. So far I have not have any lucid dreams and I am not really surprised. Although I am gaining momentum in writing on this blog everyday, continuing to read from the new lucid dreaming book: Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth, and am doing daily reality checks with my new lucid dreaming app, Lucid Dreamer, I have slacked off in other areas. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #15

Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #14

I was reading from, Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth tonight and came across an idea by lucid dreamer Ed Kellogg. Ed has a technique he calls the Lucid Dream Information Technique (LDIT), in which one can make a request for information from the larger conscious intelligence in the dream. Some people might call this reservoir of seemingly infinite and omniscient intelligence the unconscious mind, God, Divine Mind, etc.. It’s not clear that any of us truly understand how dreamers are able to get useful, accurate, creative and previously unknown information and insight from the hidden intelligence in the dream world, and what exactly this source is, but the fact is that it is a reality, and dreamers access it all the time, both purposefully and not, such as when you have a unbidden, prophetic dream. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #14

Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #13: Lucid Dreaming App

luciddreamerappYesterday I made a quick post mentioning I was looking for a lucid dreaming app that would allow me to record an audio in my own voice for use as a reality check reminder. This would play out with me going about my day and periodically hearing something like “Darby, are you dreaming”? I am happy to say that after a lot of searching around I finally found the lucid dreaming app that has this feature. It is called Lucid Dreamer. Lucid Dreamer is a free app that has an in-app upgrade to unlock all of its features. You can try these features out for free for the first seven days, and then you will need to upgrade to the pro version for $6.99. I gladly paid for the pro version as it does exactly what I need. To get my own audio recording of my voice in the app, I first recorded  the audio on my iPhone with the built-in voice recorder app that comes with the phone, and then put it into iTunes and synced it to my phone. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #13: Lucid Dreaming App