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Lucid dreaming has been an active interest of mine since the mid-90’s. I was introduced to the idea by Dr. Stephen LaBerge and his book, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. I dived right in and went on to purchase one of his NovaDreamer lucid dream induction device the Course in Lucid Dreaming, which is a step-by-step workbook with interactive exercises designed to get you having lucid dreams on a regular basis.
The complete “A Course In Lucid Dreaming” training kit including the NovaDreamer.
I had a lucid dream a few weeks into the course and still never get tired of talking about it:
“I am in the kitchen in the home I grew up in. I go to the sink and see a toaster sitting in the sink. As I pick up the toaster, I see the coils on the toaster start to glow red hot. I think to myself, “Hmmm, I wonder if this is the light from NovaDreamer. I do a reality test by looking at the clock on the stove, looking away, and then looking back again. The time is all garbled up. I realize I am dreaming and achieve full lucidity. I look around in awe at the kitchen. It is as if I am in a replica of my kitchen, sort of a empty set for a theater production. Everything has a glow emanating from it. I wonder what might be around the corner of the kitchen in the living room? I start to feel afraid that there is something waiting for me there. My fear takes me out of lucidity and I wake up.”
It’s not so much the content of that lucid dream that gets me excited to learn more, but that I was totally consciously immersed in an alternate reality that seemed to be a doorway to unlimited avenues for personal discovery and exploration. Continue reading Welcome!