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Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #17

I had an interesting dream last night. It was almost like watching my mind trying its best to become lucid, or at least make logical sense of an illogical dream world. In my dream I was in the house I grew up in, a common dream sign for me. If you are not familiar with dream signs, it is something that you regularly dream of that, if you considered it logically for a moment with your full faculties of waking consciousness, would be a sure sign that you were dreaming. Seeing someone that you know to be deceased is an example of another great dream sign. You can train yourself to recognize that you are dreaming when dream signs like this show up in your dreams. I attempted to do this for a brief period of time last year when I printed out photos representing common dream signs and had my girlfriend hand them randomly throughout the house everyday where I would be sure to see them and then do a reality check. I believe I did not do it consistently enough to really creep into my deeper mind as a true habitual response. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #17