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Brain Wave ™ Lucid Dreaming Inducer App

lucid dreaming appOh my, it’s been too long!

Lucid dreaming, my love for you will never die, but I’ve been so busy with work and “life”, that I haven’t been getting enough sleep, and being exhausted much of the time. This just isn’t conducive for lucid dreaming. But, I know you understand. You’re always there waiting for me to make some time so that you can show me the riches waiting to be glimpsed in the dreaming state.  

As you know, I’ve started to be much more consistent with doing reality checks throughout the day. The Lucid Reality Check app is still the tool I am using to remind myself to do the reality checks through out the day. When I hear the “dreamy swell” alarm sound from the app every 30 – 90 minutes, I try and poke my finder through my hand, and also look at some text, look away, and then look back again. I also do reality tests on the app itself, where I see this image:
Lucid Dreaming Sign
You recognize that house, right? it’s the house I spent most of my childhood in. I still dream about it often, so it is a great dream sign.

I’ve also been doing a better job at recording my dreams. I looked around the iPhone App Store for a voice activated audio recorder and finally settled on the Dictaphone Voice Activated Recorder app. I wake up, grab my phone, hit the record button, and start babbling. I’ve also been using that app to record “dream voice” sessions. This is an idea I learned from David Wilcock of The basic idea is that you tune into the background chatter in your mind and just start recording whatever it is that you hear. As you further cultivate this practice you may notice that the messages start to become more and more clear and coherent, and may contain relevant and helpful information for your life. For David, this practice was the doorway into what most people would call channeling. David eventually found himself channeling a group consciousness that identifies itself as Ra. This may or may not have been the same Ra that was introduced to the modern-day public by L/L Research and their Law of One channeled material. I have found the dream voice process very interesting and ripe for further exploration. I may start blogging my dream voice recordings for fun. 

One new member of my lucid dreaming toolbox is an app called “Brain Wave Dream Inducer”. I actually purchased their Brainwave App Bundle that includes five different apps, one of which is the Dream Inducer. These apps use a technology that has been around for awhile called binaural beats.  I was introduced to this technology back in the mid-90s by the Monroe Institute. I purchased their home-study Gateway Experience course and dived in, exploring “mind awake – body asleep” states of consciousness. Binaural beats use tones that are played in both ears to induce the brain to entrain to a given frequency, which correspond with the brainwave states of delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. The developers of the Brainwave apps, Banzai Labs, have a good explanation of how binaural tones are thought to work on their website here.

I find that binaural beat technology helps me in my meditation and consciousness exploration practices, and thought I’d give the Dream Inducer app a go, as it has a setting for Lucid Dreaming. So far I have used the lucid dream audio from the app just a handful of times after waking up and then going back to bed after an hour or so. I have had two lucid dreams while listening to this audio. While I don’t have any proof that the audio itself is responsible, that’s not going to stop me from continuing to experiment with it as I haven’t had any lucid dreams in awhile, and it appears that this app my be tilting the odds in my favor!

In their app, Banzai Labs said that the lucid dreaming audio track “uses a low frequency theta wave stage to induce deep relaxation, but not sleep, before entering a complex program that blends beta and theta waves into sequences designed to induce ‘waking dreams’.”  I wonder if these beta waves, which are associated with states of waking consciousness, help to keep the maintain a more heightened state of awareness while asleep, increasing the likelihood of being “awake” while in your dreams. I sort of view it as a balloon tied to my mind as I jump into the swimming pool of the unconscious. The balloon keeps me from going completely under, just as an inflatable device does the same in a real-life swimming pool.

It seems to be working for me so far, so you might want to consider giving it a try. If you do, let me know how it works for you!


Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #13: Lucid Dreaming App

luciddreamerappYesterday I made a quick post mentioning I was looking for a lucid dreaming app that would allow me to record an audio in my own voice for use as a reality check reminder. This would play out with me going about my day and periodically hearing something like “Darby, are you dreaming”? I am happy to say that after a lot of searching around I finally found the lucid dreaming app that has this feature. It is called Lucid Dreamer. Lucid Dreamer is a free app that has an in-app upgrade to unlock all of its features. You can try these features out for free for the first seven days, and then you will need to upgrade to the pro version for $6.99. I gladly paid for the pro version as it does exactly what I need. To get my own audio recording of my voice in the app, I first recorded  the audio on my iPhone with the built-in voice recorder app that comes with the phone, and then put it into iTunes and synced it to my phone. Continue reading Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #13: Lucid Dreaming App