Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 1

instant lucid dreamsToday I’ve started Day 1 of the Instant Lucid Dreams program, in which the author, Nick Madge, guarantees you’ll have a lucid dream within 7 days if you follow his guide.

Day 1 involved reading the the appropriate section for this day in a PDF, listening to a MP3 visualization designed to assist you in letting go of old beliefs related to the difficulty of learning lucid dreaming (I really liked the metaphor of the stream running through the meadow), getting together your dream journal, and setting your alarm and intention to wake up every 90 minutes of your sleep cycle to record your dreams.

I actually use an app called Evernote as a digital dream journal on my Mac and iPhone, and they sync with each other quite easily. What this typically looks like on my best days is waking up in the middle of the night naturally, grabbing my iPhone next to my bed and opening up Evernote, and doing a voice to text dictation of the main points of the dream. In the morning, I will break out my laptop and open up Evernote on it, and flesh out the details of the dream from the main points I recorded last night.

On the bad nights when I don’t get myself awake enough to record the main points properly, the look something like: “Star withvf swordvorctokcscrfyit”. Yeah, that’s an actual dream journal entry!

I am going to experiment with just getting up enough to record my dreams every time I wake up from one of my dream cycles, which according to Instant Lucid Dreams we all do, although we usually don’t realize this, as we fall back asleep right away. I actually wake up throughout the night and I used to think there was something wrong with me (I had a holistic psychiatrist actually tell me this), but now I think I am just naturally waking up between  dreaming cycles.  Nick suggests using an alarm, but I am going to try and leverage the my natural waking cycles and will myself to record my dreams when I wake.

Couple with an engaging MP3 on reseting unhelpful beliefs about learning lucid dreaming, Day 1 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course puts the emphasis on some of these basic preparation steps, understandings, and daily and nightly rituals, and encourages you not to worry about having a lucid dream your first night.

So with that, I shall now drift off to sleep as my eyes do be tired.

Until tomorrow,


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