Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 2

instant lucid dreamsIn day 2 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course, Nick Madge has you diving into the daily process of reviewing the dream snippets you recorded in your journal in the middle of the night and doing daily reality checks to the tune of one every 30 minutes. I’m a little tickled to find that I am already doing almost everything he is recommending here, albeit not as consistently as I could be.

I really like how he laid out the end goal of the daily reality checks. Eventually the mind will begin to anticipate them and doing them will become an ingrained habit which will then carry over into the dream world. As I have mentioned before, I use an app called the Lucid Dreamer to do my reality checks, and I have it set for every thirty minutes, giving my a reality test prompt in my own voice. As an added bonus it gives my technical support customers a thrill to hear my disembodied voice asking myself if I am dreaming while I am on call troubleshooting a computer issue for them! Perhaps one of these days I will meet a fellow lucid dreamer on the other line and he will ask me, “but how do you really know?”, and I will answer by attempting to poke my finger through my computer screen and out the other side through his. But I digress.

Another step in the Day 2 training of the Instant Lucid Dreams course is to use a Lucidity Association Builder video that comes with the course, along with card printouts from a file to associate a specific image and sound (an owl) to be a cue to do reality checks. Later in the course you will then use dream incubation to induce a dream with an owl in it, which at that point will already be wired in your dream as a lucidity cue.  Cool stuff.

I was already doing a similar thing last year where I had printed out images representing certain dream signs and would have them hanging around the house, and when I would see them I would do a reality check. For instance, I had a photo of the house where I used to live hanging up, which is a common dream sign for me.

A third component of the Instant Lucid Dreams Day 2 training is the practicing of the “Wake Back to Bed” technique, a version of what is usually called the Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (W.I.L.D.) technique. This involves setting an alarm for six hours later than you go to sleep, getting out of bed, and staying awake for 30 minutes, ideally reading material on lucid dreaming before heading back to bed for (hopefully) a lucid dream! 

The Instant Lucid Dreams course comes with an Instant Lucid Dreams MP3 that we are suppose to listen to after coming back to bed when using this Wake Back to Bed technique. I have no idea what is on it as I haven’t listened to it yet, but will report back tomorrow. I hope it’s not giggling clowns…

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