Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 5

instant lucid dreamsI was able to employ the Wake Back to Bed technique described in Instant Lucid Dreams last night and had some interesting results. After going back to sleep around 6:00 AM, after being awake for 30 minutes, I found myself in my grandmother’s kitchen, in which I have many happy memories. Grandma passed away last year, and in the dream I was obviously processing some grief, as I was crying quite profusely as I surveyed the kitchen. My eye was drawn to an owl that was sitting on a shelf. I approached it and picked it up, feeling drawn to keep this as a keepsake and and thinking how appropriate it was for me, as it relates to my lucid dreaming practice. You may recall that in Day 3 of my Instant Lucid Dreams review I mention that the Association Builder video that comes with the course features the image and sound of an owl, and this lucidity cue is also used in the Instant Lucid Dreams MP3 that may have been playing while I was having the dream. I thought is was really cool that this lucidity cue was integrated into my dream, even though I didn’t reach full blown lucidity.

After picking up the owl, I looked at a photo of myself that was on the shelf. I couldn’t make out the image clearly and had enough lucidity to realize that I could make the image clearer by willing it to do so, which I did. It’s exciting to see this progress as I take action using the steps in the course.

Day 5 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course shares a buffet of practices that can further support your lucid dreaming practice including mindfulness meditation, one of the most effective times of the day to do a reality check, the benefits and limitations of schemas, the power of expectations, and a creative technique for incubating lucid dreams using pen, paper, and visualization. 

After last night’s success, I’m really looking forward to getting up for my W.I.L.D practice in the early morning hours, and then heading back to bed with the Instant Lucid Dreams MP3 to see what the dream world has in store for me.

One of my main intentions when started was to provide a vehicle to accelerate my lucid dreaming practice by giving myself the challenge of regularly blogging about lucid dreaming. Simply by making the commitment to blog daily has created momentum that is continuing to build, even though I have days when I don’t manage to make a post. I think the key to having success in life is making a commitment to some type of daily actions steps that are likely to bring you closer to your goal, and then following through with it.

If you are wanting to have more lucid dreams, one of the things you might consider asking yourself is what specific action steps can you commit to taking for a specific period of time, say a week to two weeks, that are proven to help you build momentum in your lucid dreaming practice? The steps in Instant Lucid Dreams are a great place to start.

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