Instant Lucid Dreams Review: Day 7

instant lucid dreamsDay 7 of the Instant Lucid Dreams program provides tips for how to prolong a lucid dream when you are having one, and different ideas of what to do in a lucid dream such as getting  creative ideas, rehearsing, learning new skills, and problem solving. Also discussed is how to interpret lucid dreams. I like the suggestion to create your own “dream dictionary” of your own dream signs and potential meanings, rather than trying to interpret your dreams strictly from something written in a book. This is something I’ve started to do on my own and really think that there is a lot of value in it.  

If you are wanting to create your own dream dictionary, you may want to try using the tool I use, which is a free software application for your computer called Evernote. I use Evernote for different types of journals, including my dream journal and a journal I keep of images I receive from my subconscious during meditation or times when I am seeking internal guidance. I call this journal of internal imagery “The Language of the Heart”, and I use it to try and understand my own internal unconscious imagery. One of the things that you can do with Evernote is to tag your dream journal entries, so if you dream repeatedly of owls, for instance, then you can tag every dream you have with an owl in it with an “owl” tag, and by doing this, any time you want to search for all of your dreams with owls in it, you can just search for that tag.  It’s an easy way to keep track of your dream signs and build a database of your internal imagery for easy reference.

I’ve been very busy the past several weeks and have not made a lot of time to do a lot of the lucid dreaming practices over than regular reality checks throughout the day. I’m going  to get back on track with this shortly and will write about my experiences in future posts.

Happy dreaming,


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