Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #15

So I am mid-way through my 30-day Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge, wherein I have committed to myself to blog once a day about lucid dreaming and my journey to have consistent lucid dreams in an effort to explore consciousness and achieve greater self-actualization. So far I have not have any lucid dreams and I am not really surprised. Although I am gaining momentum in writing on this blog everyday, continuing to read from the new lucid dreaming book: Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth, and am doing daily reality checks with my new lucid dreaming app, Lucid Dreamer, I have slacked off in other areas. While I have been recording some my dreams using Evernote, I have not been very consistent with it. I have also not been looking at my hands before falling asleep with any regular consistency. This was the method that I was intending to master this month, but so far I made little progress on this front. The truth is, I love to sleep. Once I am in bed, and asleep, I have little desire to wake up enough during the night to record brief snippets of remembered dreams, and when it is time to look at my hands before drifting off to sleep, my desire to turn off the light and surrender to slumber wins over. For me, I think the answer is more accountability: to broaden and deepen the Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge. I need to make a commitment to daily action steps related to recording my dreams, and the specific lucid dreaming practice I am attempting to master this month, which is the hand gazing. To solidify this commitment and ensure the follow through, I am going to use another app, not an app designed for lucid dreaming, but for creating habits. Stay tuned! Darby

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