Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #16: Creating New Habits

21 Day HabitSo I’ve done a little research and it turns out that there are some great websites that have sprung up dedicated to supporting you in developing new habits. Obviously, learning to lucid dream consistently requires you to learn new habits, and integrate new perspective shifts that allow you to wake in your dreams and view your waking and dreaming world with fresh eyes. As I wrote in my last post, I am wanting to do a better job with my nightly hand gazing and dream recording exercises. I’ve found that I need to motivate myself more to implement these new habits, and I’ve decided to do so by making it more painful if I don’t follow through. Here is what I am going to do. Starting today I have made two 21-day commitments at and (excuse their French). I would have  just used, but they don’t let you do more then one habit at a time, and I have two. allows you to chose one habit to commit to for a 21-day period and put your money where your mouth is by charging 21 dollars to a credit card or PayPal account. Every day you mark whether your intended habit was successfully done. If so, you get back one of your dollars. If not, that dollar is sent to a charity. My 21 day commitment at is to stare at my hands for 5 minutes a night before going to sleep. operates in a similar way, although you don’t pay the money you pledge upfront, but at the end of the time frame if you fail. I should clarify that allows you to chose the length of time time you are committing (I chose 21 days), and the amount of money (I chose $25). To moderate your commitment you chose a supervisor. At the end of the 21 days or supervisor must mark whether or not you have made the good on your commitment, and if not, your card is charged. So that’s that! I’m on the hook for $46 if I don’t follow through! Right now I am exciting about the structure I have set up for myself as it seems that much more likely that I will have success with these habits and lucid dreaming in general.

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