Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #17

I had an interesting dream last night. It was almost like watching my mind trying its best to become lucid, or at least make logical sense of an illogical dream world. In my dream I was in the house I grew up in, a common dream sign for me. If you are not familiar with dream signs, it is something that you regularly dream of that, if you considered it logically for a moment with your full faculties of waking consciousness, would be a sure sign that you were dreaming. Seeing someone that you know to be deceased is an example of another great dream sign. You can train yourself to recognize that you are dreaming when dream signs like this show up in your dreams. I attempted to do this for a brief period of time last year when I printed out photos representing common dream signs and had my girlfriend hand them randomly throughout the house everyday where I would be sure to see them and then do a reality check. I believe I did not do it consistently enough to really creep into my deeper mind as a true habitual response. Back to my dream, I am walking around the living room of the house I grew up in. I am confused because it looks like the house looked when I lived in it, but I am sure that the people who purchased our house after we left it did some major remodeling. The carpet looks like the style we had when we lived there, not as I believe to it be later on, having seen a photos of it when it was back on the market. Later I am in my bed in the bedroom I grew up in, and I am crying in child-like frustration because I just can’t make sense of how I can be living here, when I know my Mom and Dad built a house that we moved into and then sold this one. My mother sits next to me in my bed, comforting my as I gently weep, unsure of how this can make sense. The general feeling is of going crazy. Things do not compute to my rational mind. This dream is very interesting as you can clearly see my mind doing it utmost to make rational sense of a irrational situation and failing. I wonder what prompted my mind to go into overdrive with a dream sign that I see quite often in my dreams, and try past the point of tears to work the problem out. If I had been able to make one more perceptual nudge and realize that the only explanation that made sense was that I was dreaming, then I would have been in full blown lucidity! As it is, I can’t ever recall my sleeping mind being that aware in a dream, but not quite reaching the lucid dream state. It’s like the realization was just slightly out of reach. So close! In other news, I had an interesting Facebook conversation with a company that is currently designing a lucid dreaming mask that incorporates the induction method that Dr. Ursula Ross has used in her recent research on lucid dreaming that I wrote about last week.  You won’t want to miss this update! It is very compelling and at the same time slightly perplexing. I can’t wait to share it with you next time! Darby

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