Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #18

Today I received my new REM Dreamer Pro lucid dreaming mask! I recorded a short video about the mask which I’ll get up in a day or two. I am impressed with the quality of the REM Dreamer mask materials, the packaging, and instructional booklet. I’ll be wearing it for the first time tonight using an audio recording of my own voice asking myself “Are you dreaming?”, which is the same reality check I am playing on my iPhone during the day. In other news about lucid dreaming masks, released a video on their Facebook page a couple of days ago about their lucid dreaming device that is in development. Here it is below:
I think it’s a nicely done video! One of the things that caught my eye was the subscription-based business model that they appear to be planning on using. I had a short conversation with Luciding at Facebook and they confirmed that they are planning on offering a pay per play model where you pay “for dream quantity or per month”. It’s not clear yet how they would actually track how many lucid dreams you would have, though I’ve asked in a follow up comment and may hear back. I believe that Luciding’s ability to sustain a subscription-based model like this would depend upon them having a superior product than anything else on the market. Another interesting aspect of what Luciding appears to be working on is their announced intent to create a share dream space, or a social network in the dream world, if I am understanding their video correctly. Shared dreaming space is definitely one very intriguing potential of lucid dreaming and I look forward to see how they develop this idea. My ultimate hope is that these lucid dreaming technology manufacturers focus on developing effective and safe products that can assist dreamers in having more lucid dreams when desired. It will be exciting to test this new generation of devices out and see if they live up to their promise. Darby

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