Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #19

The first night with the REM Dreamer Pro lucid dreaming mask was a little rough. My recorded voice kept waking me up rather than being incorporated into my dreams. This morning I went into the settings and lower the volume of my voice. We will see if this volume is low enough to be less disruptive. Meanwhile my Lucid Dreamer iOS app that I purchased to do reality checks using my voice seems to be working very sporadically. I haven’t gotten any reminders in hours although I made sure it was on. Not sure what to think about that, but when I have some time I will test it some more. The video I recorded of the REM Dreamer was somehow corrupted and isn’t viewable, so I will record another video later in the week to send out. You’ll get to see the NovaDreamer and the REM Dreamer Pro mask side by side too! I’m choosing to get to bed earlier so I have a good eight hours of sleep which will be more productive for dream excursions. Time to hand gaze! Darby

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