Lucid Dreaming Book Journal #20

Last night was my second time wearing the REM Dream Pro Lucid dreaming mask. It woke my up several times and so I adjust the volume of the recorded audio to 4 out of 8. We will see how that works tonight. Thankfully my Lucid Dreamer app seems to be playing reminders more consistently today. I take technical support phone calls for a living and several times throughout the day in the middle of reseting computer passwords and troubleshooting boot up issues my disembodied voice would interrupt us and ask if I was dreaming. It kind of amuses me, and thankfully I don’t think anyone noticed, or if they did they didn’t know what the heck was going on! I’ve had a busy day and that’s about all I have for tonight. Tomorrow is my “Saturday” and I will be doing a video review of the REM Dreamer Pro and getting it up on YouTube. Dream well, Darby

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