Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #11

I was doing a bit of lucid dreaming research tonight and came across a website called This appears to be the home for a company that is developing a new lucid dreaming mask. I’m actually really pleased to have found it as they appear to be incorporating some of the latest and very promising lucid dreaming research. As reported in the online National Geographic magazine, researchers in Germany led by scientist Ursula Voss induced lucid dreaming in test subjects by stimulating their scalps with a low electric current. Different frequencies were tested and the most effective was the 40 Hertz current which triggered a staggering 77% lucidity in the dreams of test subjects. The published research article is available at the Nature Neuroscience journal. The folks over at appear to be attempting to design the first consumer level lucid dreaming mask to incorporate this electrical stimulation of the scalp. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with, and I hope to add one of their devices to  my lucid dreaming toolbox when they are available. It appears that they were at some point accepting pre-orders, but that is currently closed and they are getting ready to ship out some test units., if you are reading this, your email signup on your website to get updates does not work for me. When I put in an email address I get an error message. The good new is you can find updates on the  blog portion of the website and on their Facebook page. Lucid dreamers, we appear to live in exciting times! In other news, my REM Dreamer mask has shipped! Much thanks to REM Dreamer for getting it out so quickly. I may do one of those YouTube “unpacking videos” you can find when people are opening up their new computer, phone, video game system, etc.. Lol! Time for some hand staring! Darby

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