Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge #14

I was reading from, Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth tonight and came across an idea by lucid dreamer Ed Kellogg. Ed has a technique he calls the Lucid Dream Information Technique (LDIT), in which one can make a request for information from the larger conscious intelligence in the dream. Some people might call this reservoir of seemingly infinite and omniscient intelligence the unconscious mind, God, Divine Mind, etc.. It’s not clear that any of us truly understand how dreamers are able to get useful, accurate, creative and previously unknown information and insight from the hidden intelligence in the dream world, and what exactly this source is, but the fact is that it is a reality, and dreamers access it all the time, both purposefully and not, such as when you have a unbidden, prophetic dream. The aspect of the unconscious mind that gives us access to previously unknown information can be likened to a Dreamtime Search Engine, a term Robert Waggoner writes in his book. In Ed Kellogg’s LDIT technique, he will ask the unconscious mind in the dream world for an answer to a question, wait for a few moments, and then look for the answer in whatever creative way is available at the moment, such as turning over a bowl and looking for a note, walking through a door to see the answer on the other side, looking up into the sky, etc.. The answer answer can come in many forms, including written words, objects, a voice, or other method of communication. The information is not always useful but if you practice this technique you’ll get a feel for what kind of track record you have for good intel . Sound like a fun experiment to me. I’ve seen first hand that the dream world can give you access to clear, unambiguous information that you had no knowledge of before. This phenomena of consciousness is truly the next great frontier of human exploration. We may  finally be able to get the answers to the questions that we been asking for centuries. Move over Google, I’d rather be dreaming!  

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