Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge Day #2: Creating New Habits

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Well, I recorded several dreams and snippets of dreams last night but no lucid dreams. I think I will start right now and not making a habit of reporting “no lucid dreams”, and simply just report the lucid dreams when I have them. One of the things I think is going to help me create some new pathways to having lucid dreams is creating new habits. One challenge for me is to get out of bed during the night to take a tally of my dreams so far in the night and get awake enough that I can have 5 – 10 minutes of reseting the intention to see my hands and realize I am dreaming as I am going back to sleep. So tonight I am going to do it. I will force myself to get up at least once tonight, get on my feet, maybe go downstairs and make a cup of tea, record my dreams and then settle back in bed while resetting the intention for some good ol’ lucid dreaming. I am also going to make a point of getting to bed early enough so that I get enough restful sleep. Our REM cycles increase toward the end of our sleep cycles and you are more likely to have lucid dreams then and remember them simply because you are dreaming for a longer period of time. I must get up by 7:30 to get myself conscious enough to get to work at 8:00, so I will get to bed at 11:00 tonight which will give me plenty of sleep and will set the stage for success in inducing the first lucid dream of this 30 day challenge! Wish me “luck”, Darby

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