Lucid Dreaming Book Challenge Day #8

realitycheckThis Lucid Dreaming Challenge to blog every day for 30 days is kicking my butt. I missed doing it yesterday, which was one of my days off from work, but was a busy day nonetheless. I would say that the challenge is serving the purpose that I designed it for: to help my to build momentum in my lucid dreaming practice. Today I read more from Robert Waggoner’s new lucid dreaming book, and started using an app called RealityCheck to remind me to do a reality check to see if I am dreaming throughout the day. I used to have something else like this years ago from the Lucidity Institute that I used with my NovaDreamer mask called the P.E.S.T. which stood for Programmable Electronic State Tester. It looked like a little pager and you could set it to vibrate, or beep throughout the day, and then when it did you would push a button that would make a beeping sound and flash a light to see if you were dreaming. The idea being that electronic devices often don’t work as expected in dreams, so if it malfunctioned that would be a sign that you were dreaming and hopefully you’d become lucid. The P.E.S.T. came with a cord that actually plugged into the NovaDreamer during the night and when the mask detected REM eye movement it could trigger the P.E.S.T. to vibrate. If it was on your body while you sleep it might be incorporated into your dreams just like the lights from the NovaDreamer. My P.E.S.T. didn’t last long as the reality test button broke and though I meant to repair it, somehow it was lost. Now we are in the age of the smart phone and almost no one uses pagers anymore. I’d love to get an updated lucid dreaming mask like the NovaDreamer that detects eye movement, and then could send a bluetooth signal to your cell phone and make it vibrate or play a sound. I’m not sure what happened to the NovaDreamer. You would think by now there would be an updated mask. I have heard the NovaDreamer 2 was being worked on but haven’t seen a firm release date. Another mask, the Aurora, recently had a very successful crowd fund and is currently in production. While researching a reality check app, I also came across the REM Dreamer lucid dreaming mask, which looks like the only mask I’ve seen with features similar to the now out of production NovaDreamer. It can even play back recorded audio, such as a recording of your voice prompting you that “you are dreaming”. Digging deeper I also see it has something they call TWC (Two-Way-Communication) technology, which allows you to signal the mask with predetermined eye movements that you are dreaming, which will cause the REM Dreamer mask to stop generating cues. For my money the REM Dreamer mask looks like the best mask currently on the market, and I may just order one and break out my old Course In Lucid Dreaming manual from the Lucidity Institute and started using the mask to assist me in gaining lucidity. Using the audio cues, I could use the RealityCheck app to randomly remind me throughout the day to check if I am dreaming with a specific verbal or non-verbal cue. I could then record the same cue in the REM Dreamer, thus creating some continuity of reality check methods during waking and dreaming moments. The more I think about this the more of a no-brainer it is. All for now. Going to read Chapter 8 of the current lucid dreaming book on my night stand, Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth, and then get to dreaming! Darby

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