REM Dreamer Pro Review – Lucid Dreaming Mask

Here is the REM Dreamer Pro review I did today, giving my first impressions of this lucid dreaming mask. Tonight will be my fourth night using the mask and I am starting to get the settings dialed in a bit more.

One of my realizations this morning was that when I am waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the flashing lights and hearing the audio prompts, I may not actually be truly “awake” but in a dream state called a false awakening. That is what the reality check button on the REM Dreamer Pro is for. I may find that when pressing the button on the mask that it does not  function correctly. This is a likely sign that I am dreaming, as electronic devices tend not to function as we would expect in the dream world. Please watch the video for more info and enjoy!

REM Dreamer Pro Review:

REM Dreamer Pro Review

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