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Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 4

instant lucid dreamsInteresting content in the Instant Lucid Dreams course today. Apparently we have a part of our brain called the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex. This area of our brain is responsible for certain cognitive processes, such as comparing a current situation with past memories. This is an essential function in waking life that is absent in the dream world because this part of our brain is inactive during sleep. This explains why in waking life if you found yourself talking to your deceased grandmother in a grocery store you would most likely be confused or alarmed (unless your accustomed to talking to the dead), but in the dream world you might not think nothing of it.
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Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 3

instant lucid dreamsLast night I managed to drag myself out of bed at 5:00 am to practice the Wake Back to Bed technique laid out in the day 2 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course. I’m proud of myself! It is extremely difficult for me to get my butt out of bed! Once back in bed I turned on Nick Madge’s Instant Lucid Dreams MP3 audio, not knowing what to expect. It turns out it uses a combination of several approaches to assist you in having a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (W.I.L.D.) including guided relaxation, hypnosis, binaural beats, and lucidity cues built right into the audio. Continue reading Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 3

Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 2

instant lucid dreamsIn day 2 of the Instant Lucid Dreams course, Nick Madge has you diving into the daily process of reviewing the dream snippets you recorded in your journal in the middle of the night and doing daily reality checks to the tune of one every 30 minutes. I’m a little tickled to find that I am already doing almost everything he is recommending here, albeit not as consistently as I could be.

I really like how he laid out the end goal of the daily reality checks. Eventually the mind will begin to anticipate them and doing them will become an ingrained habit which will then carry over into the dream world. As I have mentioned before, I use an app called the Lucid Dreamer to do my reality checks, and I have it set for every thirty minutes, giving my a reality test prompt in my own voice. Continue reading Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 2

Instant Lucid Dreams Review – Day 1

instant lucid dreamsToday I’ve started Day 1 of the Instant Lucid Dreams program, in which the author, Nick Madge, guarantees you’ll have a lucid dream within 7 days if you follow his guide.

Day 1 involved reading the the appropriate section for this day in a PDF, listening to a MP3 visualization designed to assist you in letting go of old beliefs related to the difficulty of learning lucid dreaming (I really liked the metaphor of the stream running through the meadow), getting together your dream journal, and setting your alarm and intention to wake up every 90 minutes of your sleep cycle to record your dreams.

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