The Taft Room

William_Howard_Taft_1909I’m going to start writing about my dream experiences on this website, lucid or no. The dream world continues to be a passionate subject for me as I think that it is the doorway to communicating with greater aspects of ourselves that have access to knowledge and information about who we are and why we are here. To me, messages from our subconscious in our dreams feel like a treasure chest waiting to be discovered.

Last night I dreamed I was with members of a spiritual community that used to be a big part of my life. I arrive by vehicle to a some kind of construction site on the land where I used to live, a 100+ acre farm that hosts spiritual gathering and healing retreats. In the dream my friends where getting ready to dig some posts and were laying down some sort of bricks. A wall was being built to be connected to an older wall that was already there, this older wall being made of cinder blocks.  I had the impression it was some sort of bomb shelter. I said as much to John, the ring leader of this project, and he said, that it was not a bomb shelter but instead called a Taft Room. I thought this over for a moment and couldn’t make sense of it.

The dream continued on and in the morning when I woke up I recorded it. I asked my partner Christine in the morning if she knew what a “Taft Room” was, more joking then expecting a serious answer, and then told her about the dream. She then conveyed with some astonishment that she had dream of a man during the same night with the last name of Taft. In this dream she was hugging this former acquaintance. “We’re so psychic!”, she said.

Later that day I saw a Facebook post of the John from the dream. I don’t typically run across posts from this individual. In the post he shared photos of some tunnels on the surface of the snow on the same piece of land from the dream, and he was wondering what sort of animal may have made it.

What the above means, I can’t say, but the correlations are certainly interesting!

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