Lucid dreaming has been an active interest of mine since the mid-90’s. I was introduced to the idea by Dr. Stephen LaBerge and his book, Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. I dived right in and went on to purchase one of his NovaDreamer lucid dream induction device the Course in Lucid Dreaming, which is a step-by-step workbook with interactive exercises designed to get you having lucid dreams on a regular basis.
The complete “A Course In Lucid Dreaming” training kit including the NovaDreamer.
I had a lucid dream a few weeks into the course and still never get tired of talking about it:
“I am in the kitchen in the home I grew up in. I go to the sink and see a toaster sitting in the sink. As I pick up the toaster, I see the coils on the toaster start to glow red hot. I think to myself, “Hmmm, I wonder if this is the light from NovaDreamer. I do a reality test by looking at the clock on the stove, looking away, and then looking back again. The time is all garbled up. I realize I am dreaming and achieve full lucidity. I look around in awe at the kitchen. It is as if I am in a replica of my kitchen, sort of a empty set for a theater production. Everything has a glow emanating from it. I wonder what might be around the corner of the kitchen in the living room? I start to feel afraid that there is something waiting for me there. My fear takes me out of lucidity and I wake up.”
It’s not so much the content of that lucid dream that gets me excited to learn more, but that I was totally consciously immersed in an alternate reality that seemed to be a doorway to unlimited avenues for personal discovery and exploration. I had several lucid dream experiences after that, with varying levels of consciousness, length and content, but have never been able to have them consistently without creating a daily routine that puts remembering my dreams and the intention to lucid dream in the fore front. For most of us, having regular lucid dreams often takes a lot of work. The purpose of LucidDreamingBook.com is to provide readers with in depth review of lucid dreaming books, articles about lucid dreaming, and other lucid dreaming resources. I have to admit that I have a selfish motivation for creating this site. I figure that by reviewing these books and writing several times a week on lucid dreaming, it will help me to start having more lucid dreams and consciously exploring the dream state that has called to me for so many years.  What you focus on expands after all.  My ultimate goal just might be to write my own book on lucid dreaming! I do hope that my lucid dreaming book reviews and articles are useful to you and support you on your lucid dreaming journey. Please look for my first review soon. Be well, Darby

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